Wax for the face

Hot Wax Granules is a film wax of medium density. It has high plasticity, thanks to which it perfectly grasps every hair. The special formula made it possible to avoid the appearance of the so-called stretching cobwebs that appear during application. Has a pleasant smell. Does not irritate the skin and does not cause redness. Curing time is about 9-13 seconds. : Applied easily and in a thin layer, allows you to remove hair in some areas from the first application, which significantly reduces consumption. When solidified, they form a film, they are removed easily, in one motion. Quickly and painlessly depilate the skin, removing hairs from the root.

How to use: The first stage, the preparation of wax, it must be heated to 40-42 degrees. Next, we prepare the skin by wiping it with an alcohol-containing solution. Now, using a spatula, we collect wax and apply it in a uniform thin layer. Do not forget that it is necessary to leave a small “petal” of non-adhering wax, to start removing it later. We are waiting for solidification, about 9-13 seconds. If you notice that the wax is still sticky to your fingers, let it harden for a few more seconds. When the wax tightly grabbed the hair and became a dense film, you can begin to remove it.  Do this in the direction away from yourself, along the way pulling the skin towards yourself. To achieve maximum efficiency, the movement must be fast and sharp. The procedure is then repeated for the next section. Always adhere to the temperature standards specified by the manufacturer when working with the material.

Volume: 100 g
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