Brow henna 15g

High-quality henna for eyebrows contains a dye that lies evenly and provides perfect colouring and a perfectly defined eyebrow shape. Henna stays on the skin for up to 14 days, on the hairs for up to 1 month.

Among the 7 shades, you will choose the perfect ones for any client.

How to use: In a container for mixing henna, pour out the contents, 2-3 rice grains of henna for eyebrows. Dilute henna, in proportion: melted chocolate/soy sauce (the thicker the consistency of henna, the richer the result will be) about 7-8 drops of water, room temperature for 2-3 "Grains" of dry matter. Mix thoroughly. Apply to eyebrows and hold according to the desired colour intensity. Remove henna with a damp cotton pad dipped in water.

Attention! Stabilization of the colour may take some time, the original colour is possible with an olive tint.

Ingredients:: chrysophanol, emodin, carotene, rutin, fisalen, lavsonia leaves

Volume: 15 g
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